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The greatest measure of corporate achievement is advancement to the C-suite and the boardroom. As such, BLACK ENTERPRISE has always advocated for Black representation at the highest levels and why it matters.



That’s why this summit is vital for you – whether you’re an employee, manager, supplier, consumer, or investor.

As an attendee of our first-ever Black Enterprise Corporate Board/C-Suite Summit, you gain exclusive information and insights on how the expansion of Black corporate leadership transforms corporations, increases shareholder value, and advances opportunities for all. We will reveal that despite corporate America’s renewed commitment to create opportunities for Blacks over the past year, most major companies still fail to significantly provide access to expanding opportunities for Black executives and professionals to be considered or gain board seats and C-suite positions.

You will hear:
• Candid conversations with corporate leaders on how to ascend to leadership positions
• How Black corporate directors can leverage their voice and power to drive institutional diversity
• How corporate boards engage in CEO succession planning and selection
• The process of designing effective C-suite pipelines for Black professionals
• How Black women are developing strategies to break into the corporate director and C-suite ranks …And
• Step-by-step guidance on how YOU can gain a board seat

Register today to get an inside look at power at the pinnacle of corporate America —and what it may mean for you career, business, and financial advancement!




Q: When will I receive the instructions to log in?
A: The log-in button can be found on the Events page. You will also receive an email the day before and the day of the virtual event¾via the email you used to register for the event¾containing all the instructions on how to access the event.

Q: What can I expect at the Summit?
A: During the event, you will have the opportunity to network with your peers via text chat, learn from our speakers, and get resources from our sponsors via the platform.

Q: What are the technical requirements to participate/access the event?
A: It is strongly recommended you access the event from a Desktop, Laptop, Cell/Mobile. It is also best to use the latest Browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. (EXCEPT Internet Explorer).

Q: Can I attend the event using my Tablet and where else can I view the event?
A: It is best to log on using a laptop, desktop computer, or cell phone. The event can also be viewed on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Q: Can I invite others to attend the event?
A: Yes, you can encourage others to register by sharing the event link

Q: Can I ask questions during the sessions?
A: Yes, generally there is an opportunity to ask questions via “live text chat.”

Q: Can I access and view the event/recorded sessions after the event?
A: Yes, the sessions can be replayed on-demand 1 hour after its scheduled time on the day of the event and up to 30 days post-event on the event platform. The chat features will not be active.

Q: Can I join the mailing list to get updates for future events
A: Yes, you may send an email to to be added.